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Due to current pandemic situation, to reduce spread of COVID-19, we have taken guidance from the government and chief of dentistry to CLOSE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE & cancel all appointments.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we feel it is our responsibility to protect you, our valued patients, our team and our families. We will review this daily and thank everyone for their co-operation.

If there are any changes, we will update you immediately. Please check our social media pages for more important updates or any help and advice we can offer.

We look forward to treating you all again very soon. Take care

Debbie Pickering Dental Receptionist

Debbie Pickering Dental Receptionist

Debbie was born in Kingsthorpe Northampton in the midlands. Where she lived up until 6 years ago, when she decided to relocate with her two children down to our beautiful, sunny part of the country, Christchurch. She still loves every second of living by the coast, exploring local places and attractions, with the odd tipple in the boathouse!

Since leaving school Debbie’s passion has always been working Reception. She has worked in two previous private dental practices and has over 10 years of dental experience. She has a very warm and empathetic nature, and especially loves putting nervous, anxious patients at ease.

Debbie loves new adventures and experiencing different things, in 2017 she travelled alone to the Azores for a weeks horse riding trek where she explored the small island and even rode around the rim of a volcano on a horse called Fogo! Last year Debbie travelled to Menorca, Amsterdam and Las Vegas, where the highlight of her Vegas trip was taking a helicopter ride down the famous Las Vegas strip with her partner.

  • Favourite film: Pride and Prejudice
  • Favourite food: Anything sweet!
  • Favourite holiday destination: Azores…so far!

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Please note we require 24 hours notice for any booked appointments- if an appointment is late cancelled after this period or if any appointment is missed a charge will be applied (£2 per minute)